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Sharing the birthday love

Edited to say: these spots are no more, my dears! Thank you for the birthday wishes.

My happy birthday is coming up next week. (Yay, JUNE! Best month of the year! And also – have you noticed how many of us healery/writery people are Geminis? It’s out of control.)

And I have a birthday gift for you, my lovelies.

I was reminded by Danielle and Desiree that this is a fun thing to do, but the seed was first planted in my adolescence, when I was a ferocious raving fan of a certain series of fantasy novels written by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, who was married to Jim Morrison in a pagan handfasting ceremony and created fantastical worlds based loosely on Celtic myth.

I read these novels over and over, one after another, lying on the living room floor in the sun with a bowl of grapes beside me, feeling like the richest person who ever lived.

The novels made themselves a home in my mind, and some of the turns of phrase still come to visit and have tea.

One thing I remember was that Aeron, queen of the Kelts, upheld the tradition of giving gifts on her birthday, rather than receiving them. And the gifts were always fabulous and appropriate – the perfect sword for her husband, a necklace layered with centuries of history and meaning for her best friend.

(Okay, so Aeron was kind of a show-off – but I loved her. As fictional self-important red-headed warrior queens go, she was an entertaining one.)

Danielle and Desiree’s generosity reminded me of the fun of this – of giving gifts on my birthday!

So, for the month of June (the best month, because it is Spring and Summer in one, because it’s when school used to get out, because I and two of my sisters were born then, because it is the month of Geminis and smart talkers and faeries), to love up my people and spread June liberation, I am offering pay-what-you-can coaching, in which I shoot you with darts from my love-gun and we talk about your hybrid life.

Smell what I’m cooking? Here’s what to do.

  • Leave a comment below. You know, so my birthday gift isn’t lonely!
  • Email me with your name and what you’d like to pay, and a teensy little bit about what’s on your mind.
  • I get back to you with Paypal instructions and the link to my scheduler.
  • We tawk!

My normal rate is $200/hour, but you pay what is appropriate for you. Spots are very limited, and first-come first-served, because there’s only one of me, and I want plenty of open June-time to carouse and frolic (or to do my introvert version of these things, which looks like drinking iced tea under whirring fans and walking barefoot in the grass).

Some items to note: this offer only applies to appointments that take place in June. You must pay the amount that feels good in your tummy. This offer is limited to one appointment in June. If you cancel, you won’t likely be able to reschedule.

Comment Fu

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  1. Rose

    Happy hybrid birthday, Amna! Love, one of the Turkey delegates.

  2. Jyotsna

    Why, Happy Birthday (for next week) Amna :- ) I wish you the juiciest June (& year) ever!