The Pragmatic Hybrid

You are the only one who can tell the story you’re here to tell.

Your writing wants you to write it. Your hybrid life is waiting for you.

Your challenge as a writer/artist/creative entrepreneur/gorgeous weirdo is to collaborate with your work to bring it into the world of form.

To discover what’s most important to you, and how you work best, and to cultivate the receptivity and courage to bring your projects to fruition.

I’m a creative strategist for writers and hybrids.

I help writers, artists, creative entrepreneurs, and brilliant hard-to-categorize people get their important work done and out into the world.

I do this via individual coaching, online courses, and free teleclasses.

I work with clients on all aspects of their creative journeys:

  • Hatching and refining what comes next.
  • Developing a regular creative practice.
  • Making the work pile up.
  • Editing and revising manuscripts/ebooks/products.
  • Dealing with the inevitable self-management issues that come up along the way – like fear, anxiety, and blocks.

For several years, I was an editor at two big New York publishing houses.

My clients and their books benefit from my experience in the publishing world, and my blazing, intuitive coaching style.

I’m a writer & creative entrepreneur, too. I know what it’s like to need to express something, and then to grow myself into the person who can create it. I write fiction, essays, helpful articles, and the occasional poem.

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“Amna invariably gets what you want to say and when she’s done, you’ve said it. She has a wizard’s eye for structure and flow. Another of her gifts is to sense what’s missing and help you fill any gaps. I’ve worked with a lot of editors and say without hesitation: Amna is first-rate.”

-Barbara Sher,

“My favorite thing about Amna is her dirty, dirty mouth.

My next favorite thing is how she sees into people’s hearts and zooms in on what they need, in a way that is full of acceptance and wonderfulness.

Amna is hot. She’s also wise, wickedly funny, insightful and loving. If you have a chance to get help from her or do anything she’s even tangentially connected to, take it!”

-Havi Brooks,

“The thing about Amna is that she knocks me upside the head with such kindness and compassion that I tend to inquire if she wouldn’t mind just doing it again.

Before I realize it, she’s gently helped me stand up taller and is guiding me closer to me, laughing all the while. She’s a riot. Literally.  I don’t know why whips are considered smart, but she is as smart as one.

Quick, blazing, hilarious, caring and insightful, she’s a fine-tuned coach and a NY Timesy-conversationalist, but she is a teacher foremost and if you ever wanted to write something, you should ask her to help. She helped me and despite my best sabatoge-laden efforts, I finished my manuscript several days before my deadline and submitted it to the publisher with glee. Amna is a force and to experience her energy of thoughtfulness and generosity is a gift. Savor her. I do.”

-Pam Ballo,