The Pragmatic Hybrid

Recent goings-on in Amnaland

I want to share some places I’ve been lately and the people I’ve been talking to there.

I was interviewed!

It was my complete delight to be interviewed by my friend Karen Caterson, of Square-Peg People. You can read the interview here.

Karen is a hoot, and her website is a welcoming home for all of us hard-to-pigeonhole types.

She has the kindest face, and a heart to match. And she can use the F-word as every part of speech, with complete nonchalance and while oozing with love for you. I hope to someday approach her gracefulness.

This was my first time being interviewed. Not counting the time the reporter for our local paper came to interview my mother about Pakistani cooking and I went on and on about how my cat Panda got his name.

Anyway. I’m counting this as my first.

I taught a teleclass! And you can hear it.

I recently had my First Ever Public Teleclass. It was a fantastical group, and we talked about being the beholder, and addressing existential anxiety, and how it’s hard to raise good parents, and how you are the thread that connects all your things.

The recording is free and available here.

The next free Hybridology Q & A call is scheduled for Friday, October 15th, at 3 pm Eastern.

If you’d like to join in the fun, you can sign up for my Happenings list here.

A cleaning update

My mom arrived. My house, it got Clean Enough.

The last few post-moving boxes did not get unpacked. But neither did the world end.

I’ve pushed the housekeeping boulder up the hill one more time, again. It is perched there for a fleeting moment. Which I am relishing thoroughly.

Love, relishment, and static boulders to you!

Comment Fu

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  1. Elana

    Yay teleclass! Yay hybridology! And Triple Yay with sprinkles and hot fudge for Amna Ahmad ~ you are lovely! And I totally will read Mating now. : )

  2. Amna Ahmad

    You are a doll to say so. Kisses!

    And I am always delighted to spread the gospel of Norman Rush. The man knows a thing or two. And he uses them to write my heart into a million tiny pieces and write them back together again.