The Pragmatic Hybrid


Legitimacy. Or, am I a Real Writer when it’s hard and sucks so much?

I’m pretty sure I was born to be a writer (as much as it’s possible to be born to be anything – meaning that within the giant shimmering matrix of Possibility, this is where I most naturally tend to make meaning for myself). Which does not mean that it’s effortless, or necessarily even pleasant. It’s […]

Writing is hard. I try some things.

This writing business isn’t for sissies. Sometimes it totally blows. I would stop, except I don’t seem to be capable of leaving it alone. So I try things. I am always with the trying of the things.┬áToday I bring you an update on the recent learnings from my tryings. First: I’m trying a new approach […]

The writing workshop nudged me and told me to tell you this.

You know how I was saying, about writing your future into being and your past into peace? Yeah, well. About that. That’s what I’m doing right this minute, in this here blog post! (So meta, yes?) What I mean is that the writing workshop planification is shifting before my very eyes. This happened partly after […]