The Pragmatic Hybrid

Sex, death and God

Flirtation for the terminally repressed

I never properly learned what we call the laying on of feminine wiles. The System in which I was raised did not look kindly upon the feminine display of wiles. In fact, the System was expressly set up to block my mojo! This is because mojo leads to sex, and sexual autonomy (for women) leads […]

The tribe is no longer allowed to keep you in the closet.

A client and friend of mine is on the brink of a new adventure. After a romantic lifetime of dating and loving men, she’s interested in a woman.* (*I am writing this with her blessing, or else you wouldn’t hear a single peep out of me. No clients were outed in the making of this […]

Jesus is my campesino

While I was in Coatepec, I touristed my way into a tiny precious little chapel in an old neighborhood. All the saints on the walls of the church had brown skin, Jesus and Mary included. And Jesus was dressed in the charming robes of a country priest. These are not the same versions of Jesus […]