The Pragmatic Hybrid

Poems and prosems

Remember Your Animal Birthright

Sense the world in all ways analyze it with none. Butt your head against your mate’s love him love yourself more. Seek comfort among your kind not conversation not intellect just the warmth of bodies curled together their presences like yours and also different. Be embodied ignorant of the possibility of comparison of insufficiency bones […]

Acceptance speech delivered at the Academy of Inanimate Objects Awards

I would like to thank the following objects for their kindness. Stainless steel teaspoon with fleur de lis – faithful friend since the Arizona days. Blue Hawaii mug, signed by the artist. Garish in just the right way. Macbook. Uncomplaining servant. Soldier for the cause. Water glass. My closest intimate. We kiss daily. Hourly. Socks. […]

Where I’m from

I am from crinkly leaves in October left behind. I am from growing watermelon near the back porch, my father skipping his leather chappal sideways along the grass at rabbits daring to raid. I am from mesquite and cholla, bottlebrush and wolfberry, teddy bear, jumping, spiny, leaves folded against the sun in supplication. I am […]