The Pragmatic Hybrid

Free yourself from the paralysis of writer’s block.

  • You can learn to reliably access your own creative powers, and enjoy the satisfaction of expressing the work that wants to come through you.
  • The techniques I teach in Freedom From Writer’s Block work for experienced writers who find themselves stuck, as well as for people who suspect they’re writers and don’t know where to start.
  • I’ve distilled the information in Freedom From Writer’s Block from more than eight years of studying how to optimize the creative process for myself and my clients. The course is grounded in the qualities of kindness, sustainability, and flow – no martial self-flagellation or forcing yourself to push through resistance.
  • Equipped with the skills I teach in this program, you will shave years off the process of establishing productive writing habits and creating your body of work, with less struggle and more delight.

Freedom From Writer’s Block

Component 1:
5 Modules of Training For Consistent, Productive Writing

  • Module 1: How To Know You’re A “Real” Writer & Own Your Right To Write
  • Module 2: The Most Helpful Mental & Spiritual Framework for Creators
  • Module 3: Energy Management For Writers
  • Module 4: How to Transcend Fear
  • Module 5: Self-Coaching for Writers
  • Value: $500

Component 2:
Access to All Future Updates

  • I constantly study the most powerful methods for creating. As I test and integrate useful new tools, I update the modules of the course.
  • You receive downloadable digital recordings of every module and every update!
  • Value: $500+

Component 3:
Live Expert Coaching + Private Client Community

  • Client-only Q&A calls: Weekly for 5 weeks!
  • On these calls, I (Amna Ahmad, the creator of the program) will personally coach you on meeting your writing goals
  • Lifetime Access to a private client community for mutual support!
  • Value: $500+

Bonus #1: Writing Start meditation

  • You’ll receive my Writing Start audio. This short, powerful meditation will help you calm your starting anxiety and inner critic and enter the writing trance. Listen to it whenever you’re freaking out about (not) writing, and calm right down and get to work.

Bonus #2: Decolonize Your Inner World ebook

  • I wrote this ebook to encourage and empower hybrids. Your perception, and your voice, are your birthright. You get to claim them, and to resist any powers that would suppress your right to self-expression.

“People told me I was good at writing, so I believed them, but I didn’t think I could really be a writer because I didn’t know all the big words and hadn’t read all the classics. Personal writing was something I wanted to do more and more because it allowed me to express something exquisite within myself that had no other outlet. But writing was painfully difficult because I couldn’t bear to read what I wrote for the sake of writing.

Amna’s writers circle has brought gentle love to my writing. It’s showed me something I didn’t think was possible: that by providing a supremely sacred space and only positive feedback, it is possible to produce immense growth.

I recently made a pact with myself to invite magic into my life, whatever that may mean. It has arrived, on Sunday afternoons, for an hour or so. And then it has stayed with me as I write on the train to and from work, and as I type on the computer at night.”

-Kylie Springman,

What happens when you register

Once you register, you’ll receive an orientation email, along with the bonus Writing Start meditation and Decolonize Your Inner World ebook to download and use immediately.

The program begins August 3rd. Every Friday, you’ll receive one module of Freedom From Writer’s Block. (There are five modules total).

You can do each module at your convenience. There’s no expiration date on the download. You have lifetime access.

You’ll receive an email from me each Monday morning, giving you access to that week’s live client-only Q & A call. 

You can attend as many of these calls as you like to get support on implementing the Freedom From Writer’s Block method to make great progress in creating your body of work. You’ll have access to these calls for five weeks!

“One of the best things about our sessions has been the amazing energy level I’ve experienced from talking with you. As soon as I get off the phone I’m bursting with ideas and motivation, and I have to write it all out for a good half hour.

Having your support on my projects has made a huge difference in the amount of work I get done and the goals I manage to achieve…my creative practice has really grown with your help.

-Sarah Bairstow,

Your style is direct, yet gentle, and so insightful I hang up thinking “wha? How did that even happen?” (in a totally clarifying way).”

-Tara Swiger,

Your investment in Freedom From Writer’s Block

The program includes:

  • Five modules – $500 value
  • Lifetime updates – $500+ value
  • Five weeks of client-only coaching calls & lifetime membership in the private client community – $500+ value

Total Value (when purchased separately): $1,500+

Your investment: $663

(If you have any technical issues when registering for the program,
please click here to send Amna Ahmad an email.)

My unconditional guarantee

I guarantee Freedom From Writer’s Block unconditionally. Your writerly growth is my prime concern. If within three months of purchase you’re not completely satisfied, or the results haven’t been worthwhile for you, I will cheerfully refund your full payment.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience how powerful your creative expression can be. You have nothing to lose and a whole new body of work to gain!