The Pragmatic Hybrid

Self non-improvement

A love letter in 17 parts.

1. This letter is for me. It might also be for you. 2. Seventeen is today’s lucky number. 3. Chances are, the other person in a touchy situation you find yourself in is not a villain, and not a hero. They’re just people, “seeking happiness and avoiding the causes of unhappiness,” as Buddhists say. It’s […]

The question I’ve been wanting to ask you.

I’ve been wanting to write you a love letter. I want to tell you the thing I’ve been wanting to tell you for weeks. The thing about being world class. I learned this from (that force of nature) Marie Forleo. She was being interviewed, and offered a question that shifted everything for her. Hearing the […]

Sharing the birthday love

Edited to say: these spots are no more, my dears! Thank you for the birthday wishes. My happy birthday is coming up next week. (Yay, JUNE! Best month of the year! And also – have you noticed how many of us healery/writery people are Geminis? It’s out of control.) And I have a birthday gift […]