The Pragmatic Hybrid


Mexico, will you marry me?

I’m still in Xalapa for this meeting. I was going stir-crazy at the conference, until yesterday when I (finally!) broke out for a day trip to the nearby towns of Coatepec and Xico, and saw the waterfalls (romantic Spanish word for them: cascadas) Texolo and La Monja (The Nun). Do I need to say that […]

Crabby postcolonial reading list and cribsheet: Gotham edition

When I say “postcolonial,” I’m talking about the internal state of mind and being after you’ve started decolonizing yourself. After you’ve started dismantling the inherited ambient ideologies and started kicking out some of the stuff that’s not yours, and embracing that stuff that’s yours to embrace. It is political, yes. But at the level of […]

To New York City, on the occasion of our 10th anniversary

I was still in my fly girl phase then all smooth hair and pink-tinted shades, big silver hoops and tight jeans (though the tight jeans turned out to be more than a phase). Swaying, braggadocious. Balls out summer sexy. For two weeks that summer you wore cornrows and leaned your head into me so I […]