The Pragmatic Hybrid

Making it happen

But it says so in my lab notebook

For the past few months, I’ve been the lucky beneficiary of Jen Hofmann’s smartness and goodwill in the super-secret beta version of her Inspired Home Office Community. (Don’t be jealous! It will open to everyone in August.) This morning, getting ready for our monthly planning call, I was casting around in an old notebook looking […]

Recent goings-on in Amnaland

I want to share some places I’ve been lately and the people I’ve been talking to there. I was interviewed! It was my complete delight to be interviewed by my friend Karen Caterson, of Square-Peg People. You can read the interview here. Karen is a hoot, and her website is a welcoming home for all […]

The dignity of certain futile acts

I have cleaning on my mind. My mother’s coming to visit. In light of her soon-arrival, I’m seeing my place with different eyes than I’ve seen it in a while. The last couple boxes that I never unpacked after moving in last fall and that gradually faded into the general scenery are once again glaringly […]