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Being who you are

Decolonize your inner world

I have something for you. It’s a free ebook all about the process and experience of decolonizing your inner world – how to do it, and what you can expect when you go down this path. Writing this is how I’ve been keeping myself out of trouble lately. It’s meant as both battle cry and […]

Predictable outcomes of the “where I’m from” question

I believe this is the longest I’ve ever put off writing a blog post I knew I had to write. Though I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. It’s actually what I was afraid of when I opened this very can of worms with this post about why it’s not okay to ask some […]

Where I’m from, redux

I say this with love, because I know some people’s hearts are in the right place. But it must be said: You can’t ask people of color, who obviously grew up here (wherever here might be), where they’re from. It is not okay. I hear the question, but what comes through loud and clear is […]