The Pragmatic Hybrid

About Me

I’m a writer. And a communicator. An asker of the right (sometimes uncomfortable) question at the right moment. A cracker of severely inappropriate black-hearted jokes, who loves the world with my whole heart.

In this dimension, I’ve been around the block a few times. I have a lot of experience (and here, the Elves of Understatement cackle with delight) with making a life of my own devising.

I grew up an über-minority (brown, not “saved,” sharp-tongued, book-wormy) in a little backwater in the middle of nowhere, where I got an early education in being different.

I eventually landed in blessed NYC, where I have a life that, if you had told fifteen-year-old me about, she would have told you to shut up and stop lying.

Along the way, I solved some problems for myself. Among them: the Poorly Chosen Husband Problem, the Obligatory Career Path Problem, and the whole What To Do About God Problem.

To solve these problems, I wrote and fought and introspected my ass off.

And I figured out that everything that makes up Me (smart, insightful, a good girl to have at a dinner party) has roots in my hybrid nature—from the lifelong project of making up my hybrid Self from the components I inherited, assembling the pieces into a never-before-seen creature that is the truest manifestation of me.

This is a main obsession of my life, and a big part of what I’m here in the world to do.

I’m a hybrid in most of the ways I can measure. I’m Desi, and totally American at the same time. A scientist and an artist, a prizer-of-reason and a simultaneous eye-rolling-but-enthusiastic practitioner of the woo-woo arts.

I’ve been a botanist, and a teacher, and an editor. I’m a writer all the time.

In alternate parallel dimensions of space-time, there’s a Me who’s a celebrated (and slightly demented from inhaling fumes) painter, one who’s a trainer of horses, and a Hermit Me who has spent decades meditating in a cave on the ninety-nine names of God.

(BTW, this last thing is still an option on any given day when I’m grumpy. I’ll try to give you a bit of advance notice if I decide to go off and be a full-time cave-dwelling mystic.)

Want to talk more? Send me an email here, or come hang out on the blog!