The Pragmatic Hybrid

A Hybrid Manifesto

Let us commence with a battle cry. RAWRRRRR!

1. You are entitled to be who you are.

Your complicatedness, that you thought was the source of all your suffering in life and that you would never transcend? That complicatedness is a gift.

You have the struggle and the privilege of making your life for yourself—drawing from the components you inherited, if you like, without being bound by them.

You – and no one else! – get to take it apart and look at it up close and put it back together in a way that nourishes you, keeping some parts and leaving others.

You are blessed to be able to see and hold complexity in your mind and in your heart. You contain multitudes, and bridge divides with your being.

2. Yes and No are both your birthright.

There are many, many ways to do a thing.

All options are yours. You get to create and assign meaning.

The only right way is the way that you choose for yourself — the way that integrates all your knowing and experience and life force and wishes.

You can bring in stuff from new sources as you wish, so the You that results is a sturdy, magnificent new thing, unlike its sources, but drawn from each, and better all around.

3. You save the world by your own aliveness.

It is not selfish. To the contrary – the biggest gift you can give the world is to save yourself. To find where your life is and to be alive.

In nature, hybrid offspring are a new, third thing, distinct from and hardier than their parents. Hybridization is a mechanism for making new species and entire new lineages on the tree of life.

By choosing the elements that make up powerful, beautiful You, you create the possibility of newness and freedom. You enliven the world.

  1. yolanda

    Love this! All of it! Thank you.

  2. Vesper de Vil

    I love it! Very nice.

    We’re following each other on Twitter via Sezin. And now I’m adding you to my blogroll! :)
    .-= Vesper de Vil’s last blog Vacation Memories =-.

  3. chicsinger simone

    I swear your elephant just winked at me!

    Sturdy, magnificent and better all around. This is where I want to be.

  4. Lilly

    I’m a Jewish/Southern Baptist hybrid, third stronger thing.. I feel so third stronger now! I”m not kidding, you just healed me with your post.

  5. Anastasia

    Yes Amna! Thanks for this.

    I agree we were given all of these parts but some can be put into cold storage, others arranged in the display window (and rotated by the season!)…plus, we’re constantly creating and can draw on any source we choose to make sense of our world and the one we envision it becoming.
    .-= Anastasia’s last blog Great White People Book Club =-.

  6. Amna Ahmad

    Thank you, my dears!

    This position is strongly held, and is the conceptual framework for everything I do – in my work, and in the rest of my life. So I am pleased to share it, and happier still that it resonates.

    @Lilly – That is a recipe for an uber-strong Third Thing if I ever heard one.

    @Anastasia – Love it. So many metaphors here for the kind of self-arrangement and display we’re talking about. You hit on something I think is super-important – the metaphor you use for your hybridness – how you explain it to yourself, and finding the most You way to do this – is key to how you see it. And whether you treat it as a power source.


  7. Rupa

    “…the biggest gift you can give the world is to save yourself. To find where your life is and to be alive.” I love this, Amna.

    And I love the idea of the resilient “Third Thing.” Thank you!
    .-= Rupa’s last blog The Ideology of Partition =-.